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I understand that each student’s situation is unique and subject to fluctuation. The following policies are intended to provide stability for both the student and myself.

However, I will make an effort to accommodate extenuating circumstances to the best of my abilities.


Tuition reserves the student’s weekly time slot in my schedule and is required regardless of attendance. Tuition is paid monthly and is calculated by multiplying the lesson rate by four (4) weeks. In the event that a month has a fifth week, that lesson will take place as usual and will be considered a make-up lesson in the event of future absences. ***Tuition can be paid in larger increments (up to one (1) year) if it is more convenient to the student.***


Tuition is to be paid in advance at the last lesson of each month. Tuition is payable by cash (preferred) or check (if paying with check, please make it out to “Derek Wesley Arnold”). Late payments will incur a $10 fee, which will be waived once every 6-month period (Jan - Jun, Jul - Dec). There is a $30 fee for returned checks.


For every referral you make resulting in at least four (4) lessons per referred student, you will receive $5 off each lesson for the attendance duration of your referral(s). This means you could receive FREE lessons if enough referrals are made! In the event that your referral stops taking lessons with me, $5 will be added back to the total calculated amount owed. IMPORTANT: Any referrals beyond the amount needed to result in free lessons will not result in payment to you or negative billing owed by me. Referrals only result in discounts during the period that the referred student(s) are paying tuition.


The student will contact the teacher by phone if they expect to cause a scheduled lesson to begin late. 919-633-7235

If the student causes a lesson to begin late the teacher will complete the lesson in the remaining portion of the time slot. Additional time for student tardiness is not guaranteed.

If I cause a lesson to begin late I will give additional time past the time slot to compensate for my tardiness with mutual acceptance of the student’s schedule. If this conflicts with the student’s schedule, then an appropriate amount of make-up time will be added to the beginning or end of another mutually accepted lesson.


Students needing to reschedule a lesson should let me know at least a week in advance to ensure a time slot.


Students must cancel lessons by phone (919-633-7235) or email ( with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations are considered excused for illness, family emergency, or severe weather (public school closures). Excused cancellations with sufficient notification will be given a make-up lesson as soon as possible. No-shows, cancellations without sufficient notification, and/or unexcused cancellations will not be given make-up lessons.

I may need to reschedule or cancel a lesson due to illness, family emergency, or performance engagements. In this case, I will provide a make-up lesson as soon as possible. In the event that I cause 3 or more of a month’s lessons to be missed, a refund can be issued in the amount matching the value of the missed lessons in lieu of make-up lessons (“free” lessons are valued at zero ($0) dollars).

Make-Up Lessons:

Only three (3) excused cancellations will be allowed per six-month period (Jan - Jun, Jul - Dec). Excused cancellations will be given make-up lessons as soon as possible. If a student cannot attend a mutually scheduled make-up lesson the lesson will be considered forfeited. After three (3) excused cancellations per six-month period, further canceled lessons will be considered forfeited and will not be given make-up lessons.


Students should consult with me if they are considering discontinuing lessons to make sure there are no areas that can be resolved. If the student still decides to discontinue lessons, the lessons remaining in that tuition period are expected to be finished out. There are no refunds for withdrawals.


Instruments and additional materials are not included in tuition. Students are expected to bring all necessary materials to their lessons. This includes their instrument(s), assigned music, lesson notebook, and a pen or pencil. Students are expected to find at least 20 minutes each day in which to practice their instruments.

If a student is considering purchasing an instrument or upgrading/modifying their instrument in any way, I must be consulted to ensure the instrument will be acceptable for future use.

Parental Involvement:

Students 10 years and younger must have a parent or guardian present at the lesson. This person will take notes and act as the student’s “home teacher.” Parental involvement is welcomed and strongly encouraged for all students, but not required for students 10 years and older.

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